Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day

It was so nice out for Earth Day yesterday.  To me it seemed like the nicest day this year, it was at least 70 and sunny.  After church and after naps we went on a little family walk around the neighborhood.  And since it was Earth Day we brought a little bag and picked up all the garbage we could find.  Tucker especially loved it.  I was kinda surprised how much garbage we found.  I never really noticed any before and there was a surprisingly large amount of cigarette butts on the ground.  Gross.
They were cute walking around looking for garbage.  Tucker kept hiding behind each bush jumping out shouting boo trying to scare us.  The funny part was that Penelope would follow along just copying and not even knowing what she was doing.  She didn't even look at us when she unenthusiastically said boo.
It was so beautiful out.  I really am thankful that we live in such a gorgeous place.  I probably had my camera out for 10 minutes of the walk in our little neighborhood and it is amazing how much beauty I was able to capture in these pictures.
 I didn't get to go to the tulip festival this year, but I did get to see a few tulips.
I love this pink tree.  When every we drive by it I just want to stop and look at it.  Too bad trees like this don't stay in bloom all year round.

 Next we have the rhododendron our state flower. I think it is more of a bush but whatever.
 I know this last one isn't technically something anyone wants to have, but they still look cool.
I have another picture I want to share but this post is getting long enough, maybe next time. 

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