Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh chicken nuggets!

Penelope started throwing up again this morning.  We were all rushing around getting ready for church and she threw up in a bowl.  It was gross.  So Penelope, Scarlett, and Bob all stayed home from church today.  Sacrament was a breeze with just me and Tucker.  It is amazing how much easier things are when you take a child out of the picture.  I don't know what is going on with Penelope, she did this a few months back.  In the morning she wakes up asking for the bucket to throw up in.  Then when we give her the bucket she throws up bile into it.  She doesn't throw up before we giver her the bucket. This morning she was crying for about 5 minutes before we gave it to her so I am pretty sure she can control it. Then she is fine for the rest of the day.  She did it today and one day last week.  A few months back she did it every morning for a few weeks.  Any ideas?  She seems fine all day after the initial throw up in the morning.
 Ok, on to other things.  I love this purple flower my parents have growing in their front yard.
A couple things the kids said that surprised me:

Penelope: she hears the garbage truck, "Oh! garbage truck! I take care of it." (The garbage truck was coming how she was going to take care of it is a mystery to me)

Tucker: "mom, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" 
me, "I don't know"
Tucker, "Brush tee(up an octive)'eeee-eeeth.'"

I'm pointing to a word for Tucker to read,
Tucker: "Oh chicken nuggets I forgot that one."  Followed by laughter.

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Unknown said...

you may want to have her checked for reflux also note the food she had the night before to track the triggers!