Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Scarlett's Birthday

 Last Sunday Scarlett turned one!  We had some family over for presents, cake and ice cream.
Prior to the party bob and I took the kids to good will and let them each pick out two things for Scarlett.  It was fun.  Tucker got it.  Penelope was very confused as why we kept giving the toy phone she picked to Scarlett.

These rattles were the thing bob and I picked out from Good Will for her.  These aren't something I would normally pick but once she picked them up in the store she loved them and did not want to put them down.  So for $1.29 I figured we had to get them for her.

We played a game where I put several objects all in a line that represent future jobs she might hold.  We had a pen for writter, a dollar for stock broker, a box of pins for fashion designer, a toothbrush for dentist, a thermometer for doctor, a rubber band for hair dresser, a guitar for musician, a ruler for architect or engineer, a toy car for race car driver, a spoon for chef, and a tool for contractor.  Which to you think she choose?  Watch the video and find out.
I tried the ruffle frosting technique for her cake.  It was so easy!  And it looks pretty cool.  The only hard part was I ended up using three batches of frosting because the first one I turned orange and the second one wasn't stiff enough.

Here is the free cake from Albersons.  Did you know they give a free first birthday cake?  We have gotten one for each of our kids.  This year everyone else ate this cake and Scarlett ate the yellow cake I made.

Here is the video of her first bites of cake.  It isn't very exciting but I thought I would post it anyway.

Happy birthday Scarlett!


KariMarie said...

Cute stuff! I had to laugh at everyone's quiet singing...nobody would sing louder than another person. LOL

Gayle Daly said...

Well I think it could have been more exciting if the singing had been more peppy! It never ceases to amaze me how we want our babies to dig into those birthday cakes....and they just won't do it. I took Corinne's hand and pushed it into the cake - then she got the idea. A very sweet time for your family. Thank you for sharing!