Monday, July 23, 2012


We spent our Saturday going to an auction.  They have them monthly but somehow I have never been to one in my life.  
We weren't really sure what to expect so we got there at about 8:30 to look at the items before the auctioning started at 9.  The tools went first.  Bob was interested in a drill press but it sold for more than he wanted to spend.
There was probably a couple hundred people there all bidding and trying to buy things.  And the auctioneer acted just like how I would imagine it.  He talked really fast and never was silent.  I don't know how he went on because we stayed until 3 and they weren't done yet.  They did have a few auctioneers but the main one went almost the entire time. 
There were two things I knid of wanted. One was this cute white kid rocking chair and the other was this mini red wagon.  I though it would be perfect for another picture prop.  Unfortunately these things were in the last room that they auctioned off.  We waited around until 3 and then we couldn't wait anymore.  The sad part was that we stayed for hours just for these things and then we only had about half an hour to go and we gave up.
They would just go down a row and action everything off.  Things in boxes went together.  Some furniture went very cheap.  I am talking $15 for a whole bedroom set.  While other dressers went for like $40.  It did not depend on how nice it was like I expected but on how much people wanted it.  We didn't end up getting anything.  I think I could have spend a quarter of the time going to garage sales and found much more things.  I think the auction paid off for big things though.  They sold about 60 cars and some of them seemed like a really good deal.
We bid on a lawn mower and a pink Jeep power wheel car.  Both we between us and one other person and we were outbid both times.  I think people end up spending a lot more than they want to because they just want to win the auction.  The pink power wheels looked old, it did not turn on, and it sold for $25.  We got one for Tucker a few years ago off of craigslist for free.

I had fun at the auction although I don't really see myself going back anytime in the near future.

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