Monday, July 16, 2012

No more Training Wheels

All last week we took advantage of the nice weather and practiced bike riding with Tucker.  Bob and I both thought it was time to take the training wheels off so we gave it a try.  Tucker did not want to try it.  Which was funny because he picked it up right away.  After only a couple of tries on Bob was able to let go.  Then the next day he was even better.  And on the third day he was able to start by himself.  He isn't a pro yet but he can ride!
Tucker told me that the picture below is of him getting ready for a race.  He loves his spiderman elbow and knee pads.
I like this next one because it looks like he is about to hit Penelope, luckily he swerved out of the way. Bob taught him to look the direction he wants to go.  Tucker follows this to the T. It is funny to watch him because he will be going one direction then out of no where turn his head sharply to the right and he does end up turning that way.  It looks so strange because for a couple seconds he will be looking one way and riding another way.
Below is a little video of him practicing.

I can't get over the fact that he is old enough to ride a bike without training wheels.  The bike in the pictures was a little small for him so we promised him that if he learned to ride without the training wheels we would buy him a new bike.  On friday we went out planning on spending around $50 on a new bike.  We decided to stop at Good Will first.  We lucked out because right in front was a $7 bike in  very good condition and it was the right size.   It was even blue, Tucker's favorite color.  Tucker has now past another big milestone!


KariMarie said...

That's awesome! Go Tucker!!! We've been trying to convince L that he is ready to ride without training wheels and after showing him this he said yes. :)

Una said...

Hooray! How exciting.