Thursday, July 12, 2012

Warm Weather!

We have officially hit summer and I am lovin' it!  The weather is warm and the sun it out.  Along with the sun has came our raspberries.  Not only are the delicious they are a backyard babysitter.  All I have to do is keep and eye on the kids and they will spend hours picking and eating raspberries.  And they are not very tall so there are always plenty left for me to go out and pick the higher up ones.  Even Scarlett has the hang of it. 
We also get the sprinklers out for Tucker.  He is the only one who will go near the water.  Scarlett accidentally walked herself into the water's line of fire and just sat there crying waiting for someone to save her.  It was cute and funny.
We got the grill out as well.  This free grill from craigslist is now going on it's third summer.  I wonder how long it is going to last.
Does anyone know any healthy recipes for the grill?  We usually just do hotdogs and burgers followed by 'smores. Not the best for you.


Michael and Denise said...

We like grilling kabobs. We slice a round steak into strips and marinate it. Then stick it on skewers with mushrooms, pineapple, green peppers, onions and sometimes potatoes. We serve it with rice.

Marinated grilled chicken is also yummy. And it should be salmon season too. I know salmon isn't cheap, but it's so delicious. I know you can grill corn on the cob too, but I've never done it.

Enjoy the nicer weather!

Sarah said...

I love grilling! Just last night we had black bean burgers on the grill. They are so good-and healthier than normal burgers. Even the kids loved them! I also like to grill pizza, vegetables, and chicken especially these sandwiches

I'm glad you guys are finally getting some summer weather! We have been baking here in a heatwave for quite some time now. Temps in the 100's!