Friday, July 20, 2012


We get a ton of weeds at our house!  I am not sure if it is all the sun or the soil but they are uncontrollable.  These dandelions grow up in our grass regardless of us fertilizing it.  But the worst is that they grow in the beauty bark (or mulch as Bob would call it).  So the first year we lived here I spend hours digging them up.  But they just kept growing.  The past two years we just spray them with weed killer which turnes them brown but new ones grow in their place.  What should we do?  Do we need to put down new beauty bark?  And if so do we need to dig this stuff up first?
I don't want to sound like I am complaining I just want to know if others have this same problem and what they do about it.  Should I just give up and let them grow?  That is where I am at right now.

These ones are on the side of our driveway.  And this is the worst spot in our yard and it is pretty bad right now.
It is a little embarrassing.  Any suggestions?


Mary-Anne said...

Have you tried spraying them with weed killer? Or thought of using weed block? Good luck!

Voices of the Graves said...

Have you tried Scott's weed n feed?
I think that works best and you may need to dig up the bigger ones out of the yard. Need to use it one a nice day because it shouldn't get wet for a day or two then use the sprinkler on the lawn. It uses a push lawn fertilizer, wasn't sure if you have one or not.
Hope it helps!

Swift family said...

Somebody told us if you pour vinegar on the ground it changes the acidity of the soil so nothing will grow there. I haven't tried it though. Maybe you wod have to remove the beauty bark before you tried it though to make sure it gets into the soil.