Thursday, September 6, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten

Today was Tucker's first day of School!
His school kind of eases him into it because it was only 2 hours and Bob and I stayed with him the entire time.  Tomorrow will be a full day by himself.  I'm sure he will handle it just fine.  He did great today.
We got up and together picked out what he wanted to wear.  Normally I let him pick anything he wants and I could care less if it matches.  But now that he is in school I want to let him choose but still monitor what he picks.  Today he choose his new captain awesome shirt with new jeans and Cars shoes.

Aside from church and soccer shoes these are his first shoes with laces.  He does not know how to tie them and the teacher today mentioned that it is hard if she has to tie everyone's shoes all the time.  We will work on it, but for now I will tie tight double knots.
A friend watched the girls and Bob took the day off so we could all go together.  It was fun.
I think Tucker is very ready to start school.  There were no tears from either one of us, just smiles and excitement.  I did feel bad for the child who sat across from Tucker because he was scared and crying almost the entire time and his mom hadn't even left yet.
It is strange that Bob and I are old enough to have a child in school.  It seemed like we were younger then most of the parents there.  I guess by the time Scarlett starts school I'll be 30 and we will be pros. 

Good job today Tucker!

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Mary-Anne said...

So cute! You'll only be 30 when your youngest is in Kindergarten!? Ha ha...I'll be like 32 when my OLDEST is in Kindergarten! :)