Monday, September 17, 2012

Sharks 1st Soccer Game

The Sharks had their first soccer game and Tucker loved it!  It wasn't really what I expected.  When we got there about 15 games were going on at the same time and what seemed like hundreds of kids running around in orange shirts and cleats.  It took a little bit to find his coach and we barely made it on time.  
 I took a picture of Bob giving Tucker a little pep talk before the big game.
They played three on three with no goalies.  Usually all six kids were swarmed around the ball the entire time.  I actually thought Tucker would be more aggressive than he actually was.  He was good at blocking but he usually just followed the ball without actually getting the ball, like in the picture below.
We set up our chairs and sat on the sidelines rooting Tucker on.  Penelope and Scarlett just fought over snacks and the water bottle most of the time.
 Their team scored a couple goals the first game and Tucker was pretty excited about it.
His second game was a little harder for me to watch.  They don't keep score but the other team must have gotten about 15 points and Tucker's team got two.  It was just frustrating because I wanted to be supportive but also yell at him for not going after the ball at the same time.  I am going to either need to practice with him so he is better or just let go and not care if they are good at all.
Either way, I know that Tucker was having a good time and I am happy about that!


Gayle Daly said...

A new mother emotion to recognize, figure out and be okay with.

I enjoyed watching your family yesterday at conference. You and Bob are good parents. Keep it up.

Love, Gayle

Jersey Blogess said...

awww, how adorable - love these pics - Tucker is a handsome little thing.

DerrK said...

I say this season just let him play and have fun. Wait for him to get the hang of it and get more comfortable then next season do more yelling. :)