Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference Weekend

Conference was great and the kids did so well Bob and I even got to listen to most of it!  It did help that the kids napped during the second session both days.  There were a lot of great talks and I enjoy when they come out in the Ensign so I can reread them and really take my time with them.  I was surprised that they changed the missionary age.  I bet many more girls will go on missions with the age being lowered to 19.  I always wanted to go on a mission and just might have if I could have gone at age 19.  I'm sure bob would have waited ;-).  Oh well, I will get my chance in a few years.
Bob got out the exercise bike and rode it to help him stay awake.  It worked too.  This might be the first time we both stayed awake during all the sessions.  We also had a few toys out for the kids to play with.  It worked for about 15 minutes.  We made it easy on them and bribed them with candy and let them play upstairs when they were done being quiet.
I kept awake with snacks and sewing my sock monkey.  I really enjoy hand sewing it while watching tv.
Things just started going crazy at my house just now so I am having a hard time concentrating.  Bob is playing a song on the guitar.  Tucker is loudly playing on the keyboard and singing a song about me being a queen.  Penelope spilled water in the kitchen and is screaming about it and I have no idea what Scarlett is up to.  I better go.  I think it is bed time.

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