Monday, October 29, 2012

Pretty Trees

Saturday was one of those days that I started to plan over a month ago and waited and waited for it to come, thinking it was so far away, but it came and went and seemed all to short.  Bob went to the temple with the youth in the morning so I took Tucker to soccer.  Thankfully a friend watched Scarlett because I don't know if we would have made it through the game with her and Penelope.  Normally I think I might have been able to handle it, but this was our first game with full out rain.  It rained and rained, and the soccer players especially got soaked!  The field was muddy and everything was drenched.  Walking to and from the game was probably the hardest part.

Anyway, after the game I headed over to my parents to drop the kids off.  It is so nice that they live close enough to babysit.  I picked Bob up at the temple and we spend the rest of the day in Seattle.  It was so fun.  It has been a while since we hung out downtown.
 I actually got there a couple minutes early and walked around the temple grounds taking pictures.
The church does such a great job at keeping all of the buildings neat and beautiful!  Seriously, the amount the church pays for landscaping must be a lot.  I think it is well worth it.  If only I could get my  yard to look as nice.
I love the trees this time of year.  I mean, look at the variety in colors on just those few trees!  Beautiful.


Kaeli said...

Is that the Portland Temple? So beautiful!

The Broadcloth

Kaeli said...

Haha, just saw the Seattle Temple engraved in the stone. The parking lots look the same :)

Wendy Sice said...

Stunning stunning pics of the Temple grounds! :)