Friday, October 5, 2012

Primary Program

Last week's primary program went really well.  I could only see Tucker from the back but I imagined that he looked really cute giving his part.  He had it memorized and he didn't mess up on the real thing. I actually started laughing during his part because it sounded like he got up in front of the congregation and said a big 'hi' before he started.  Later I talked to him about it and figured out that he just said the first word in his part 'I' then he paused and started again.  I didn't mess up my part either, which is an improvement form last year.  Somehow I ended up with the same part, the fourth article of faith.  Probably because I teach a class of 8-year-olds.  After we got home I had Tucker recite his part for the camera.  He insisted on finding a mic and he added a little at the beginning and end.

This weekend is general conference!  It is a great opportunity to relax at home and listen to the leaders of the church.  Hopefully it will be a nice change of pace from our busy last couple of weekends.  Sessions are at 9 am and 1pm for me (pacific standard time) on both Saturday and Sunday.  Now I just need to plan a few things to keep the kids busy.  Click the pic for more info. You can watch online or on tv.  I'm always scared that if I don't watch President Monson will say some huge shocking revelation and I will miss out on it. :-)
 Come listen to living prophets


Ashley said...

Tucker is so so cute!!! He did a great job saying his "I'mmmmmmm Tucker" with the fist pump at the end!

Carrie Teal said...

You look fabulous and I can't tell your pregnant. I love how you paired the skinny belt over the cardigan.