Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Tucker went on his first field trip on Wednesday!  We were both really excited and thanks to a friend who babysat I was able to chaperone.  I am not going to lie, the drive was really stressful   Who knew three excited kindergarteners would be so loud in the 30 minute drive.  Plus I was already stressed because I didn't have my insurance info and almost didn't get to go.  Luckily it worked out right before we left and things calmed down once we arrived.
All three kindergarten classes went to the pumpkin patch, and to save money the parents drove.  Tucker loved it and I had a good time too.  I was a little sad that Tucker wanted to hang out with his friend,  instead of walking and talking with me.  It didn't help that this friend is not my favorite friend for Tucker to have.  But I understood and let Tucker go play like everyone else.
The kids got to do a little tour of the pumpkin patch.  Above they were read a story and then they jumped into the hay.  I remember doing a similar hay jump when I was on a field trip as a kid.  Can you spot the red hair?
Next we got to see some animals.  Did you know Llamas only have bottom teeth?  I didn't.  They also had goats, and chickens at the farm.  Tucker was trying to tell me that those were regular eggs they brought in.  I told him that the chickens laid those eggs but he didn't believe me.
 Tucker really like this picture because his teacher is making a silly face.

 Lastly the kids got to do part of the corn maze and pick out a pumpin.
 Below is Tucker with his pumpkin.  I got a ghost pumpkin, they are white.

The class is going on another field trip next week to a play.  I don't really want to go, I am a little chaperoned out.  But I feel bad because I am home and about half of the parents were able to go.  I don't want Tucker to feel left out because his mom didn't come.  What you do think, should I go?


The Reno Donnelly's said...

I know those little people can be loud and stressful but your children grow up so fast. Take every chance to spend time with them and make them feel special. You'll never regret going.

Gayle Daly said...

Why don't you ask Tucker how he feels about you going or not going? Field trips are not always super fun because you do have to deal with other people's kids. Maybe every other one...also can Bob ever take off to go. They love Dad's to come along too!

DerrK said...

Neither of my kids have gotten to go to a pumpkin patch with school. hmmmm However, I am not a huge chaperone fan. I'll choose a few trips to go on, but you miss one there is always another. Besides, the kids are in school. Time to get a way from mom and dad and be with friends. I honestly think L prefer I don't go, not to mention I hate trying to find someone to watch A. Call me a party pooper.

Doug and Jacquelyn said...
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Doug and Jacquelyn said...

You never know what you might miss if you don't go.