Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Blankie

Penelope and Tucker usually do a great job sleeping and staying in their beds at night.  Last week we moved Scarlett into their room because of company and the kids thought it was a big party.  Who knew Scarlett being in the room would trigger Tucker and Penelope to get out of bed so many times.  Anyway, last night Scarlett was back into her own room and I had enough of the kids getting out of bed.  I made it very clear to both of them that it wasn't ok to get out of bed.  I even told Tucker that he would just have to wet the bed if he had to go potty (that is their excuse to get up).  But not 10 minutes after we put them in bed they were up.  Tucker was going to the bathroom and Penelope was bugging him by opening and closing the bathroom door, then Tucker was wining at her to stop.  So I went up and took Penelope's blanket, to let her know we were serious and sent Tucker back to bed.

I usually give it back after about 2 minutes, but I was really mad last night and determined not to give the blanket back.  She screamed and screamed.  I figured it would last about an  hour and she would fall asleep.  I was wrong.  She continued to scream for over 4 hours!  "I want my bankie, I want my bankie!"  Bob woke me up at 11:45 and asked if I would go try to talk to her this time.  I convinced her that if she ever wanted to see her blanket again she needed to stop crying and go to sleep.  That finally worked and she slept.  It is amazing how upset someone can be over a blanket, its not like she was cold and we didn't have other blankets.


Gayle Daly said...

Oh Blankies are very powerful. I'm sorry you hit a bump in the road with your night routine. I hope they go back to their better habits ASAP.

The Carneys said...

Wow 4 hours?! Thats crazy!! Alexa is like that with her stuffed cat... I've taken it away a few times as a last resort And that seemed like the end of the world to her!!