Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Visitors

Bob's parents came out for a visit so we went bowling on base.  This was the first time that Tucker and Penelope both stayed focused throughout the whole hour.  
It was cute watching them play.  Penelope's ball was cool because it had 5 finger holes and was only 4lbs.
 I especially like that they had bowling shoes small enough for Penelope.

The weekend wouldn't be complete without a project.  So they put in a plastic sheet over the window, hopefully it will keep some of the cold out.

Tucker made three goals at his soccer game!  We had to celebrate with frozen yogurt.

It was a nice couple of days and the the kids especially loved spending time with their grandparents.


Lorraine Butler said...

It's great that the in-laws are willing to come this long way and be with your kids. Looks like a great time!

KariMarie said...

It's always fun when grandparents come to town!