Thursday, November 29, 2012

Soccer Party

This will be the last soccer post of the season, I promise. The Sharks had a team party at my favorite place, just kidding, Chuck-e-Cheese.  It was fun and the kids loved it!
Next is Tucker with his coach and trophy.  He was really excited about it.  Even before the season ended he kept talking about how if they are the best they will get a trophy.  I even saw him put it in is backpack the other day.  He said he wanted to show his class.
I also got a few pictures from one of the other moms.  These were taken during the one game we got poured on.  Of course it happened to be one of the two games Bob had to miss.  I'm just glad we only had one rainy game and one practice cancelled for rain.

Somebody wasn't paying attention when they typed in the name in the next picture.  I wasn't too upset because we didn't actually buy the pictures. They did give us one, which was nice.

We had a good season.


Gayle Daly said...

Love Tucker's new name. That made me laugh. Seeing these photos makes my heart happy. Isn't childhood so full of joy and excitement? You are a wonderful woman and mother Doranda. Keep loving your children and know you are doing a wonderful job everyday....even if sometimes you may wonder if you're doing it right.

KRad said...

Everyone gets a free "memory mate" for playing - it's part of what you pay for in the beginning - if you call the picture company they will get it fixed for you - since I'm pretty sure you know how to spell your own name & had it correct on the form (I know several people - myself included - who had issues with their pictures this year)