Monday, December 10, 2012

Shoe Phone

Bob and I were cleaning out some stuff from the garage and I stumbled across the best phone of all time.  The shoe phone.  I got it from Good Will when I was a teenager and have loved it ever since.  Unfortunately we haven't had a house phone for several years now and I have no use for it.  So we put it in the Good Will pile, maybe someone else will enjoy it as I did.  But I did want to take a picture of it so I don't forget how awesome it was.
Totally looks like a shoe right?  The best part is that it is the base and the part you hold up to your ear in one so you can just keep it sitting on the floor.  Everyone thinks you have a random shoe sitting out.

Actually maybe I will take it out of the Good Will pile and save it for a white elephant gift exchange.  What is the best thing you have gotten from one of those?  The last thing I got was a burned copy of Nacho Libre.


Dorien said...

Oh my.. that awesome! haha. What's a white elephant exchange? I don't know that! xo

Doranda said...

A White elephant exchange is where everyone brings a generic and sometimes funny or gag gift. Then you play a game where you open the presents and sometimes get to 'steal' the present you want from someone else. It is silly but sometimes fun.