Sunday, December 30, 2012

Watch What I'm Wearing

I'm just over 28 weeks pregnant and into my third trimester!  I am also officially into maternity clothes and can't really avoid them any longer. I am not sure what I don't like about them.  Maybe it is the fact that they remind me of how big I am.  Anyway, I'm not posting outfit pictures this week so be sure to link up and show me yours.


Claire Justine said...

Thanks for hosting :) Happy New Year...

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

I'm sure you look super cute in your maternity clothes too. It seems like your pregnancy has flown by, then again, I'm not the one who's pregnant! Thanks for hosting.


Callie said...

Aw, I missed seeing your adorable outfit! You are always SO put together and so beautiful! I'm not married yet, but I hope I look at least half as beautiful as you do when I become pregnant!! <3

Rubi Diaz said...

I agree with Callie! I cannot see how you would look bad in maternity clothes. You glow with each pregnancy! I want to see a maternity outfit! jeje

Happy New Year & Thanks for hosting!!!

With Love,

Tiffany Opp said...

I hated the transition to maternity clothes too, with each of my four pregnancies! You always look amazing though, so I'm sure you will look just as cute as usual. Love your blog!
Happy New Year!

Becky Goddard-Hill said...

Hope the lilac dress I posted is mdest enough. i would wear it with a cream snuggle bolero. If it doesn't fit just boot me out!! and I will repost my poorly me Pjs. Thanks for hosting

Becky - Family Budgeting