Friday, January 11, 2013

Just a little more

The kids were really excited for Christmas this year.  Tucker kept talking about how he was going to "dash" out of his room to get the presents.  So I thought getting up at 6:30 was a good idea.  I wanted to be there when they got up.  Too bad our kids didn't wake up and I think it was around 8 that I couldn't take it anymore and Bob and I went and woke them up.  I guess they were just so worn out from all the playing that went on at grandma's house.
We had a good time opening presents.  Bob and the kids got me 10 bags of mint m&ms! I love how Tucker got really excited about giving presents to his siblings.  Oh and Bob and I kind of forgot to get Scarlett presents.  We weren't worried about it because she has so many toys and we were just going to pick up a few things at Good Will when christmas got closer but we totally forgot.  The night before we went to my moms house we remembered and found a few things with Tucker and Penelope that they could give to her.  Everything she got from us, were toys we already had but she didn't care.
Bob, I and the kids all got spoiled this year.  And we aren't very good about thank you cards but I do want to thank everyone who thought of us this year.  So thanks.  It was a fun morning, and when more family came to my moms house we all sat and watched each other open presents.

One thing my kids love about going to grandma's house is all the extra attention they get.   I think my dad must have gone on 15 walks around the block giving each kid a turn to ride in the wheel barrel.
Bbbbrrr... it was cold.
Here is a picture of people playing blind man's bluff.  It is another family favorite game.  One person is blindfolded and everyone else has to make it town the hall without getting touched by the blindfolded person.  If you look close you can see Tucker trying to sneak under a chair.  I opted out this year because of my ever growing stomach.

I forget to take pictures of New Year's Eve but we all made treats, played games, and hung out.  I didn't really want to keep my kids up until midnight so we had a pretend countdown at 8:30 after which we had a huge silly string fight.  It was fun.

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