Friday, February 8, 2013

Car Accident

I got into my first car accident on Monday while pulling into the dentist office.  The good news is that I didn't hit another car the bad news is that I did run into a rail that smashed the headlight and area around it, not to mention the dentist is never fun and cost twice as much as expected.
More good news, we do have insurance so all we need to pay is the $500 deductible   That sounds like $500 is not a big deal for us, trust me, it is.  I was even thinking that maybe it wouldn't cost $500 and we should just fix it ourselves without filing a claim.  Boy was I wrong about that, we got an estimate of $2,317.58.  I guess it needs a new hood, light, and bumper.  Not to mention our car is the nicer paint color that makes each piece cost more then regular.

I think this is a pretty small accident for my first one.  No one was even in the car besides me, another car wasn't involved, and the car still runs fin.  I was surprised at how upset Bob was when he found out.  It didn't help that he was having a rough day at work (they might cancel his program and cut his pay by %20) and I gave him the dentist bill right before I told him about the car.  But he was only upset for a little bit and now we are both more concerned with having to use the small honda next week while the flex is in the repair shop.  I just remembered that the Honda is not in running condition right now.  It died on me when I went to get pizza the other day.  Bob says it is an easy fix, so I guess that is what he will be doing before we take the flex in.
Have a good Friday and drive safe!


Voices of the Graves said...

You might want to check and see if your insurance covers rentals as well while your car is being fixed. Sorry you got into a accident. Glad no one got hurt. Good luck!

Gayle Daly said...

Those darn car repairs. Body work is the worst. No fun. Yes check to see if your insurance covers a rental. They usually do. $500 is a big deal for anyone to have to cover. Sorry about the impending possible bad news for Bob's work.

Chandra said...

Bummer! I've never been in a car accident before, but I flipped out when I realized that my ENTIRE front bumper has to be taken off to REPLACE ONE low-beam headlight! I thought it was something my husband or I could do ourselves, but nooOOooO. I called the dealer and they quoted me $330 PLUS the cost of the bulb ($35). ARGH! Crazy, right??

More Modern Modesty

Bob said...

All I need to do is replace the negative battery cable. It is corroded pretty bad, I mean it is a 95 honda accord. thats like 17 years old. It is not getting a good ground to bothe the engine and the car body. Easy fix, 45 minutes. And an 8 dollar battery cable. (I like it better when car repairs are only 8 dollars)

Mike said...

It’s good that it was only a minor car accident and that no one was hurt. It would be troublesome if a major accident occurred because you have to go through a lot of processes. It is great that your insurance covered most of the damages too. Always drive safely!

Mike Clark

Talitha said...

Just so you know it my experiences with car repairs have always taken at least twice as long as they tell you and make sure your picky about the finished work! I hope it all works out well, especially for Bob's job!

melandriaonline said...

good that it's just a simple accident but yes $500 is quite huge too.

mandeep mittal said...

I’m inspired with the surpassing and preachy listing that you furnish in such little timing.
Guthrie Legal

Nannie Leick said...

You’re fortunate that your first car accident was as minor as that. You don’t have to worry about your car repair since $500 is better than you or anyone being sent to the hospital. Hopefully, nothing dangerous will come your way in the future.

Nannie Leick

Guadalupe Puthoff said...

Yep, that is truly a small car accident. You’re lucky that no other cars were speeding by or parked nearby. You only had to worry about the damages in your car, which were fortunately covered by insurance. Anyway, be more careful next time!

- Guadalupe Puthoff