Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to what has got to be the most decked out kids party I have ever been to.  My niece turned 5 and they really go all out for parties.  Must be tons of work for the parents, but the kids sure did enjoy it.  They had it in the church gym with tons and tons of decorations and food.  They even had a soft serve ice cream machine!  It was pretty neat.
 The theme was Hello Kitty and below is the birthday girl Mallory.
The pinata was fun for the kids.  Instead of hitting it with a bat they each got to pull a string. One string was attached to the opening and when that one got picked the entire thing opened up.  It was much less intimidating for Penelope and Scarlett.  Although Scarlett wasn't very fast at getting the candy.  There were about 20-30 kids and most of them were bigger and faster than her.

After the Hello Kitty party Penelope and I headed over to a princess birthday party that was also fun.  Then I went and took pictures for a cute family.  It was a fun busy Saturday.  Different from our usual Saturday where we make a list of all the chores that need done around the house and spend the day cleaning.
 Next weekend we will probably start getting out baby things!


Chandra said...

Fun, fun, fun! These are special family moments that your kiddos will treasure forever.

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Sofia Donatelli said...

Your baby is soooo cute.

Hope you had a great weekend.