Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Morning

I am loving the new 11 o'clock church time!  Even if Bob has a meeting to go to in the morning we have time to get all ready without with little rushing and stressing.  Scarlett really wanted to wear Penelope's rainbow boots to church instead of the shoes I wanted her to wear so she ended up taking her shoes off three times before we actually left.  But once we got out the door she kept them on for the most part.

Tucker and Penelope came up with a new game they like to play on Sunday mornings and I have to admit I kind of like it too.  They spy on my while I am doing my hair and make up.  It is a great game because they are quiet and if I turn around they even run away.  Sometimes they put towels over their heads and try to sneak into the bathroom without me noticing.  Then when I ask how that towel got there, I can tell they are trying not to laugh.  It is cute, and it keeps them occupied for a good 20 minutes.
One good thing about Tucker being in such a small primary class is that he gets to give more talks.  Our ward assignes each class a month so whenever it is Tucker's class's turn to be in charge of the talk, scripture, prayer etc. Tucker is pretty much guaranteed to do something every week.  I took a video of yesterday's talk.  I didn't get the best part on video though.  Before his talk I could tell he was getting nervous/excited.  He had a huge smile and kept reading over his talk in his seat.  It seemed like he could barely wait the two minutes for song and prayer before his turn and he practically jumped out of his seat.  It was cute.


Chandra said...

hahaha their game sounds too cute! Any game that keeps kiddos quiet is a good game, right?!

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Terri said...

I'm a new follower for this week's Blog Hop. Looking forward to doing more!

Wendy Sice said...

Good on you Tucker! Great talk! You will be a wonderful missionary one day! xx