Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Cards

It was fun helping Tucker with his valentines.  Writing from Tucker and to ... on 24 cards was quite the task for a 5-year-old but Tucker did a great job.  When we got to Arianna he said he likes her.  He said she is his friend because she is the bad guy with him at recess.  Tucker also got a valentine already from Piper. it was cute because it said, "Der Tukr I like yeu this is a crd for yeu fum piper to tukr."  If you don't have a kindergartner it might be hard to read but I figured it out pretty easily once I knew it wasn't something Tucker wrote himself.  Tucker didn't really seem to care about the card.  But I thought it was  really cute.
 I think Tucker might have seen me do too many tutorials becuase after I took the first picture he said, "let's show everyone how to do it."  Then he put down a blank card and told me to take a picture.
 Next he put a sucker on and said, "take a picture."
 He paused holding the tape over it and said, "take a picture."
 "Now take another picture."
Then he told me it is good to show people if they don't know how.  haha.  He was cracking me up.  So now you all know to tape a lollipop onto a valentine.

Bob and I usually don't do big presents for Valentines day.  I am happy with chocolate, or flowers, but neither of us like the upped prices so we agreed on giving treats the day after Valentines day so we can get the cheap prices.  So I was surprised Thursday morning when I found hearts all over my bathroom.

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Christa @ Controlling Craziness said...

Your son is too cute. I like the idea of celebrating the day after so you can get the candy and flowers cheap. Now I know for next year. Thanks!