Friday, April 5, 2013

Beverly Swimwear Review

With swimsuit season coming up I was more than excited to do a review for Beverly Swimwear!  It wasn't until after I accepted my new customized swimsuit that I realized I would have to take a picture of myself in the suit in order to properly review it.  Having a baby just over two weeks ago made putting the swimsuit on pretty scary.  But, amazingly this swimsuit sucked my post pregnancy tummy right it!  I'm not joking!  It was almost like wearing a comfortable corset.  I got a tankini (a two piece with a long top) and the bottoms are high waisted.  They went up to about my belly button, holding everything in nice and tight.  The fabric is thickest best quality I have ever seen in a swimming suit.  I guess that is just the kind of quality you can expect when things are personally hand made for each individual.

Another great thing about Beverly Swimwear is that you can customize your suit however you like. With almost thirty color options and plenty of different styles the choices are endless.  And did I mention the prices are pretty good?  Lots of suits are under $50.  You should definietly check their site out.

Here are a couple of the suits I liked, plus my own customized suit.

I wanted to go to the beach to take these pictures, but it wasn't quit warm enough out for that.  My backyard had to be good enough.


Sofia Donatelli said...

Great post. Hope all is well with the family.

If you get a sec, please check out my latest post.
Have a great weekend.


Leah said... just had a baby and you look like this in a swimsuit! Good for you, girl! :) Adorable suit!

Callie said...

wow, I love your swimsuit. You look totally fabulous!! =) I'll definitely be checking them out - I'm always on the hunt for cute, modest swimsuits. =)

Sofia Donatelli said...

You look amazing!! I can't believe it!


marilena schiavi said...

cute!! love your style girl!!come and see my blog if you have time