Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hard Day

Tuesday was a hard day!  I think it was the combination of getting used to having four kids and Tucker getting emotionally upset about everything.  The morning started out with a big fight over what shoes he wore to school.  That ended in him reluctantly walking out the door in the shoes I picked but him crying as he left and me feeling bad about it.  

After school Tucker had several more melt downs, one because Scarlett found a piece of candy in Tucker's backpack and just ate it.  One because he didn't get a cookie at the grocery store, and I am sure there were a few more but I just don't remember them at the moment.  

Aside from the melt downs I was a little frazzled because it seems like Tucker is getting a little behind in school.  He needs to learn to read the words "would, dash, wish and want" to keep up.  That isn't really a big deal, the problem is that I already feel like I spend the max amount of time with him.  As it is he gets way more attention than the other kids.  And setting aside more time to teach him doesn't really seem possible.  His schoolwork is just way more advanced than I pictured kindergarten to be.  

At the end of the day after what felt like 3 hours of straight crying from someone I reminded Tucker (and myself) that I love him and that I know tomorrow will be a better day.  He asked if I think it really will.  I told him yes, and luckily it was.  

That is one great thing about this life, everyday is a new day!  Even though some days are hard and I feel like I was crazy for having four kids other days are great and each day has the potential to be amazing.


Sofia Donatelli said...

Some days are harder then other days. Some days it will will be one minute at a time or one breathe at a time, but know that you are doing an amazing job and are a great mom.

God bless!

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Michael and Denise said...

Last Tuesday was my "I'm done being a mom" day. I'm glad yesterday was a better day, and I hope the rest of the week goes well too.