Monday, May 27, 2013

The drive in

Happy Memorial day!  I am really grateful to all those who died so we can live in this amazing country.  To celebrate we are going to our church's annual breakfast.  And in case you are looking for a way to patriotically do your nails go here.

On Friday night we took the family out to the drive in.  They played Epic and The Croods.  I liked both of them but I think the atmosphere has a lot to do with how much I enjoyed the movie.  We had a good time.
Our back seat can flip backwards so Bob, Leon, and I stayed in there and the kids got to bundle together under a blanket on the lawn chair.  It was cold but they were dressed pretty warm.  And we brought a bunch of snacks to keep everyone happy.
As you can tell from the picture it wasn't too crowded.  Probably because the weather wasn't great.  Sorry this next picture is so dark.  But what can I say, it was dark outside.
All the kids stayed up for the first movie, except Leon he slept through most of both movies, and Penelope and Scarlett fell asleep sometime during The Croods.  Not surprisingly Tucker stayed 'till about 1:30 watching the movies.  

Bob and I both agreed that we should go again, next year.  It was really fun, but it is kind of a big ordeal.

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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I wish we had one in Tampa! I loved going to the drive in when I was little!