Friday, June 28, 2013

Kids Day at the Mall

Our mall does a monthly kids program and it is a lot of fun.  They have a dj and do crafts and dancing.  It is a little cheesy but the kids enjoyed it.  I love all the summer activities around here.  Sometimes it seems like too much. I thought I would be less busy during the summer but so far I have had something going on every day.  I guess I like it that way!  I mean no one makes me go to these activities.
This week we learned about frogs and the fourth of July.

It was cute when the kids got to go up on stage and show their frog to everyone.

I really don't like my little point and shoot camera.  I feel like it takes the worst pictures inside.  So I think I am going to sell it an get a better one.  After that stellar review does anyone want to buy it?  I'm thinking $50 because it is in good condition and works great. I just don't like it.  It is hot pink and small and cute.  Let me know if you are interested.

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