Monday, July 29, 2013

Feed the Horses???

Friday seemed like the first day in a long time that the kids and I didn't have anything going on.  So we decided to take all the unjuiced carrots down to the horses.  It was beautiful outside and still morning time so not too hot.  When we got there we saw that the horses were a little busy being ridden.  Their riders were nice and brought them to the fence for us to say hi.  But they couldn't eat because of the bit in their mouth.  It had been a while and I was surprised when Scarlett started screaming away.  She was really scared of the horses.  I guess they are kinda big.

I got a text while we were out saying that my visiting teachers couldn't come over.  Way short notice on their part because we were supposed to be chatting it up that very minute.  Not  that I am mad about it, I was actually really glad they couldn't make it because if it wasn't for that text I would have had no idea that we even had an appointment.  I wasn't home and if I was I would have been pretty embarrassed because our mattress was still taking up the entire living room floor.

Anyway, we came home and played around in the back yard for a while.
The kids started to eat the carrots.
Scarlett was trying to sneak into the front yard.  The kids know when we play out back they need to stay out back.
Check out that air!

I think tucker was being a ninja turtle.
It was nice while it lasted (that was about 5 minutes before complaints began).

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