Wednesday, July 31, 2013

French Toast Roll Ups

Instead of the usual Sunday morning pancakes we made French Toast Roll Ups.  The kids loved them!  I thought they were pretty tasty myself.  And very simple.  Great for when you want something fun but don't have a lot of time or many ingredients.
First you remove the crusts and flatten your bread with a rolling pin.
Then you put the filling in one side.  You can fill it with anything you can think of.  The picture is of cream cheese and brown sugar.  We also did peanut butter and jelly and several other combos.  I think my favorite was chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.
 Butter up you pan and cook them just like french toast.
 Pour on the cinnamon and sugar and voila! You have french toast roll ups!
Bob thought the rolling was a waste of time so he went ahead and made one into a sandwich.  I had to admit it was easier and tasted pretty much the same.  I go the idea from here.
Make them and let me know what yummy combinations you come up with!


Sofia Donatelli said...

That looks soooo yummy!

Have a wonderful day.

Megan said...

those look delicious!!

P. said...

They look yummy! I made the same rolls instead of grilled cheese sandwiches on Sunday.

You can see them in my blog. :)


Ana Paula

Talitha said...

Did you dip them in the egg mixture like French toast?

Sarah said...

Mmmm...these look so good! What a great, easy breakfast! I'll have to try this.

Thanks for sharing!