Friday, August 2, 2013

Bears in a Bubble Bath

I wanted to make a fun kid friendly treat and these "bears" in bubble bath worked out great.  Except I didn't actually have teddy grahams so we actually made elephants/gorillas/monkeys/zebras in bubble bath.  Scarlett was the cutest asking for more bears in bubble bath.  You will just have to imagine it being said in a two-year-old voice.
The "bath tub" is just a cake mix with 1 stick of butter and one egg mixed in and put into mini muffin pans.  Add a rollo, if you want, and bake it for 8 minutes. I had more than enough for one 24 muffin pan.  Next you take them out of the oven, add in the "bubbles (marshmallows)" and stick in a bear, or animal of choice.  Super easy and fun for the kids.
 I got the idea here.


Sofia Donatelli said...


Happy Friday!

P. said...

That is such a fun, cute thing to make!!


Ana Paula
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Rachel Kaylynn said...

Cute! My kids would love these, I'll have to make some soon.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

These are so cute!