Monday, September 30, 2013

Leon 6 Months

My baby is 6 months old!  I know what you are thinking, she didn't cut his hair.  But I did!  These pictures were taken a week and a half ago.  We actually took this on his half birthday and then cut his hair right after.
Leon started solid food and has been doing well.  It was neat how he got it right away.  I'll post a video of his first bites soon.  He also sleeps for about 11 hours at night, which is so nice.  I think it is because he gets a little more food in his tummy.  He is great at taking a bottle even though I do nurse him about 90% of the time.  He usually drinks another 4 ounces at night after I feed him.  He is just one hungry little guy.
Height: 27" (72%)
Weight: 15# 12oz (20%)
Head: 17" (34%)
Leon got a cold and it was really sad.  I feel so bad for babies when they get sick.  He had a fever one day but after that it was just a stuffy nose.  But a stuffy nose makes eating really really hard for a baby.  One thing we noticed was that his tongue isn't rounded at the tip like most peoples it kind of goes in.  I guess you could say it looks like the top of a heart.  The doctor had some name for it but I don't remember.  Basically his tongue is connected more than it should be and he can't even stick it out of his mouth.  It can be a problem for speech and eating (no problems with eating for him) so we might get it cut.  I guess the younger we get it done the less painful it is.

I love these throwing pictures.  You can't really see Leon's huge smile because he has his hands in his mouth.  But that is ok too because he is always sticking his hands in his mouth.  I think he just opens it so wide when he smiles he needs to put something in it.
Leon has one little tooth poking through his gums.  I think it popped through right on his half birthday.
Who do you think he looks like?  Me or Bob?  I get a lot of mixed comments on this.
Leon is still a super smily guy and as you can tell from these pictures he can sit up.  It is still a very new skill so I was nervous sitting him on the sidewalk for pictures.  I was standing really close to him and did end up having to catch him before his head hit the sidewalk.  Luckily I am fast.  Bob to the picture.  Leon doesn't crawl but he does get around somehow.  I don't really pay too much attention but it is normal for me to find him 6-10 feet over from where I put him down.  I think it is combination of rolling over and just wiggling.

Hair cut pictures tomorrow.


Mary-Anne said...

He's so cute! I thought I had noticed his hair cut in a previous picture...I'm excited to see pictures to get a better look! He and Hannah are really close to the same size! I'm so jealous he's sleeping 11 hours a night. I'm lucky if I get 7 out of Hannah. Anyway...he's sure cute. I wish we lived closer so we could get Leon and Hannah together more!

The Swift said...

So I think he looks like you (can't say which features) in the picture where Bob is holding him. Other then that I can't tell one way or the other.

Susanna said...

My little sister had the same tongue condition. she got it cut, and although she can't stick it out that much, her speech is much better.

I think Leon looks a lot like you, but I can understand why some people may think he looks like Bob.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a doll baby! Look at that adorable hair. He has more than my 15 month old. Haha! Hope you can join us for Monday Mingle by linking up again! :)

Carrie Anderson said...

Davis was tongue tied - is that what they call it? He got it clipped when he was a newborn. For Davis though it affected his eating so we were really glad we got it taken care of.

Lorna Midwood said...

I think he has Bob's eyes. Sounds like he's tongue of my friends is and it's never caused her any problems xxx