Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ninja's First Soccer Game

The ninja's had their first soccer game on Saturday.  It was both really fun and really stressful.  It was stressful because we didn't know which field were were at, and Bob didn't get there until right before it started so I was on my own getting everyone ready.  I also get stressed watching the game.  Tucker is never quite as aggressive as I want him to be.  But I have to remind myself that he is trying hard and having fun so who cares if the other team scored 16 goals and we only scored one.  The other team was crazy good and I remember the same thing happened last year when we played the same team.
So this next picture is from a different kick completely but I felt like it needed to go between the first and third picture.
 Check out his form!
We were in charge of the half time snack.  I decided to do one big bowl of apple slices and one big bowl of orange slices.  Last year we separated everything out into individual baggies and handed them out.  I think this went much better.  Way less fuss and it kept the boys together so they had their snack as a team.
This year Tucker is number one.  Last year he was number 5 and since he was also five years old he thought he should be number six this year.  It took some convincing that one was a good number.  I guess he didn't think about his teammates last year having the numbers 1,2,3,4 and 6.

I said tucker wasn't as aggressive as I would like him to be, but I want to say he did do a good job.  He got the ball several times and if the other team wasn't so ridiculously fast he could have had it more.  He was very good at staying 3 feet away from the ball.
Here is the whole Ninja team with Coach.  They have six boys and only play three at a time with no goalie.  I like just having a few boys on the field.  It gives them more opportunities to get the ball.
Great game Ninjas!

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