Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fire Station Field Trip

The Learning Ladybugs had their first field trip!  Penelope was so excited.  Everyday for about a week beforehand I had to tell her how many more days until the field trip.  It was cute.  First they watched a little animated movie about firefighters.  Then they all got to ask questions.  Penelope did not ask any. 
The firefighters taught the kids about 911 and also not to be scared of firemen.  At home we are supposed to go over the exits in our house. It was funny because most of the kids did not know aobut 911 so when they were asked later who to call for an emergency they said things like 811, 119, and 111.  Penelope didn't answer even though she told me she knew the answer.  I think she did know it because they were told several time and we have talked about it at home before.

Thanks Firefighters!  Lets hope you never have to come to our house.

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