Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! and Cupcakes

Happy Halloween!  I feel a little stressed about all I have to do tonight.  My husband gets home just after 5 and we need to eat diner and be in our costumes and ready at church by 5:30 for Trunk-or-treat.  Then hurry home for real trick-or-treating.  Is seven too late to go out?  I wish my ward would do trunk-or-treat another night because my kids love to do both.

Anyway,  I made these cute mummy cupcakes Tuesday night and I wanted to share.  I made chocolate cupcakes and piped cream cheese frosting in strips over the top.  I left a nice space for the eyes where I added m&ms.  By the way, I had no idea how delicious the raspberry m&ms are.  They might even be better than the mint ones... maybe

These will be perfect if you need a quick last minute treat for a party.


Sofia Donatelli said...


Happy Halloween!

Mary-Anne said...

That's weird your ward does the trunk-or-treat on Halloween. Ours was last weekend. And 7:00 is definitely not too late to go out! We didn't start until 7:00. I think you're totally fine until about 8:30...Happy Halloween! :)