Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Holiday Cards

Tiny Prints has the cutest holiday cards this year.  We still need to take our family picture but I spent some time going through their cards picking out my favorites.  It will help me decide what to wear for our family pictures and also if we should focus on portrait or landscape images.

Time kind of got away from me because I had so much fun uploading pictures.  They just make it so easy.  All you do is go to their site, upload your pictures and then you can edit them and put them onto any card.  It is really kind of fun.  Here are some of my ideas and Christmas card examples for this year (pictures are from last year).

I like how they have different shapes.  Not everything is square this year.  The next one is neat because it actually hangs so people can put it on their tree.

I like how the words are printed directly onto the picture.  If you are doing family pictures and you like this next look make sure you have extra space in your pics so the words don't cover faces.

I'm getting excited for Christmas!


Sofia Donatelli said...

So creative.

Have a great day.

KCO said...

These are beautiful! The card designs are lovely and with your gorgeous family photos, look so professional.

Anonymous said...

These cards are pretty but they are even prettier with your family picture in them.

Megan said...

I can't even handle how tiny and cute you are pregnant!! I mean you're cute all the time but seriously your pregnant belly is adorable. Jealous!

Lorna Midwood said...

I am so excited for Christmas. We made our own cards last year and i want to make then again this year but i have no idea what sort of a photo i want yet xxx