Monday, October 14, 2013


Since we got a new gray couch about a month ago I have been wanting to paint.  We used to have tan walls and a red couch but with our new gray couch the tan wasn't really working for my anymore.  Bobs parents were kind enough to paint for us while they were here!  It was so great because I hate painting and it would have probably taken me about a week of painting at night while the kids were in bed.  They managed to do it in one day.
In this picture you can see the old and new color.  We even got samples and put them up on the wall to test which gray I liked best.  It is amazing how many options there are for each color.  Everything was moved to the middle of the room.
She did a great job and didn't even need to tape anything off!
Leon is pretty happy with the new color (not the one in this picture).  I can't wait to get everything put back together and redecorated so I can show you.

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