Friday, November 22, 2013

Ninja Soccer Party

We didn't buy the official soccer pictures this year because I thought I could just take my own.  I like how it turned out.
Heres the whole team.  This years team was a lot different from last year because we knew all the boys before the season started.  All the boys except for one are in our ward and the one who isn't lives in our neighborhood and we carpool together everyday.  Lets just say Coach Shawnda had her work cut out for her.

The end of year party was at round table.  We've lived here for over five years and have never been.  I have to say the pizza was good but Tucker wanted to know why the tables weren't round.  I thought it was a good question.

Along with his trophy Tucker was awarded the "Best Defender" certificate.  He was excited because guarding the other team and guarding the goal were his favorite jobs.
I am grateful to the other moms who planned the party and for Coach for all the extra time and effort they put into the season.


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Sofia Donatelli said...

Great pictures. Love his smile.

Happy Friday!