Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Halloween was busy for us but I managed to get everything done without getting stressed.
The kids had so much fun at both trunk-or-treat and trick or treating.  And I love both.  Trunk-or-treat is fun because it goes so fast and there isn't a ton of walking.  Trick-or-treating is fun because some houses can be really decorated and to me it feels more like what Halloween should be.  Anyway,  We went to a couple scary houses in our neighborhood that all of my kids screaming.  This one guy was dressed in some sort of big foot costume and he jumped out from the bushes scaring Scarlett half to death.  Then another house hooked up a big spider on top of a remote control car so when we walked by the spider zoomed out from where it was hiding right at us.  That one even had Tucker screaming.  After the scary houses the kids were hesitant to go to anymore but I convinced them that most weren't that bad.  Next year we will have to do those houses last.

At trunk-or-treat a friend and I set up a little photo booth to take pictures.  It was fun.  We want to do it again with christmas decorations and charge people (it wouldn't be at church of course).  We'll see.
A couple days before Halloween Scarlett, Leon and I went to the library trick or treat.  It was packed, like usual, but fun.  There was even a guy from the newspaper there taking pictures and Scarlett got in the paper!  She isn't the main focus of the picture so I didn't want to go through the hasel of scanning it.  But I was excited for her.  Go here to see the one picture.  And here for the one that made it into the paper.
Every year Halloween is a lot of work but so much fun.  I know people think I'm weird but it is probably my favorite holiday.

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