Friday, December 20, 2013

Early Christmas

Because my parents are going out of town this year we celebrated Christmas at their house a little early.  We exchanged gifts, played games, ate... the usual.

The kids all loved their gifts.  But the funniest part was when my mom gave Tianna a group snuggie.  It was a fake gift and she was being very polite about the whole thing but after she told us she wanted to return it.  You can see the video on my youtube channel if you are that interested.  I wish it was real because I think a family snuggie would be awesome.

Tianna also brought their little puppies.  I think they are about a month old.
One of the games we played was pictionary.  I thought it was way fun, but I'm not sure everyone else enjoyed it.  Anyway, instead of taking pictures of us I decided to take pictures of all the drawings.

It was kind of nice doing it a little early. Now this year we get to just stay home and relax on Christmas for the first time in our married life (that's 8 Christmases).

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Talitha said...

I love that Scarlet looks so excited over her gifts! and I also enjoyed the early family gathering so now we can relax when everyone else is going crazy!