Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nativity Display

One of our favorite holiday traditions is going to the annual nativity display.  They have hundreds of nativities set up and even the kids love it.  This year they stepped it up a notch and had a living nativity and an area do dress up and take pictures.
I thought it was kind of interesting how we have enough people in our family alone to represent Christ's birth.  This will be our only chance since next year we won't have a baby.  Penelope is being a Wise Lady.  I thought she wouldn't do it if I said wise man.  She was already not wanting to dress up as it was.

After they took our picture we headed over to the stage to participate in the live nativity.  We sat there while an audio recording played the scripture story.  People walked around and watched us while they listened.  Penelope and Tucker took it very seriously and stood statue still the entire time (about 10 minutes).  Scarlett and Leon weren't really keeping in character.
While we looked at the nativities I asked the kids to each pick out their favorite for a picture.  This was Scarlett's
Penelope choose the biggest one.
Bob liked the toothpicks.
And Tucker liked this one where the kinds were very intricate.  Here is a picture of him doing the scavenger hunt.  He had to find certain nativities, like an igloo and one missing the baby Jesus.  We never could find the one where Joseph was throwing the baby Jesus up into the air.  I really wanted to see it because I've never seen one like that before.  Maybe next year.
What do you think about this baby?
Can you believe it is a doll?  I've never seen such realistic dolls before.  I thinkI figured out how the photographers get those amazing and crazy newborn pictures.  The just use this doll.

I'm really glad that we have a nativity display.  There aren't too many Christmas things to do with the kids that remind us of the Savior and I'm thankful for each one we do have.


Sofia Donatelli said...

Beautiful picture and memories made by your family. What an awesome mom you are to show your kids (from a young age) the true meaning of Christmas.


Jacquelyn said...

The first one should have been our Christmas card!