Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Bob turns 30 in just over a week and we decide to celebrate by going snowboarding.  I've only been once when I was about 11 and Bob has been several times in college.  We got lucky and were able to borrow all of our gear an Bob's boss even had a cabin he let us use.

The cabin was hard to  find in the dark and neither Bob nor I knew how to use the wood burning stove.  There was no electricity or heat but luckily it wasn't hard to figure out.  I was just worried the entire night that we would die of smoke inhalation.  
The cabin was cute and it was an experience.  Although I don't know if I'm really the "cabin" type.  I tried not to need to use the outside bathroom but I only made it to the morning.  The cabin has a loft area and when I pulled down the ladder a dead mouse fell.  I don't want to sound like I am making fun of the cabin.  It was nice, just not for me.  We ended up sleeping on the floor so we could easily keep putting wood on the fire and niether of us slept very well.
Because we came at night and the ground was covered in snow we had to park about a quarter mile away and carry our stuff.  I think we probably looked funny with our flashlights out and my pink suitcase looking for the cabin in the pitch black woods.
Anyway, we were up nice and early and ready to go.  We got to Stevens, got our passes and were set.  Except I couldn't get down the little hill on the way from the lodge to the lift.  It was really frustrating for both me and Bob.  I wanted to take the lessons but Bob thought it was a waste.  I don't think he realized how difficult it was going to be for me.

After we went down the easy slope (Daisy) three times I decided we could try a  medium one.  It went ok, with me sitting and sliding wishing I had a sled only part of the way.  After that one twice we tried another medium one and I thought I was not going to make it.  Even the lift was really scary.  It went crazy high and the wind and snow was in my face the whole time.  Once we got off it was super steep and I was exhausted already.  I wasn't having fun at all and I could tell that it wasn't fun for Bob to sit and wait for me either. I sat in the snow and wanted them to come pick me up on the snowmobile.  After about 15 minutes of me being upset I slid down the really steep hill to Bob who talked me into making down the rest of the hill.  It was about noon and I went into the lodge ready to be done for the day.

Bob did the hill again and came and ate lunch with me.  I didn't want to go back out but Bob talked me into it.  This time we did the beginner slope about 15 more times and it was actually fun.  I made it down lots of times without even falling.  Granted, I was "doing it wrong" by never having my back facing down the mountain but I didn't care.  Just after 3 we went and did the medium slope again, it was ok this time (still not fun) and then we called it a day.

Maybe it would be better if I went again, or maybe I'm just not the snowboarding type either.  I did think the trees were pretty.
Here is Bob on the lift.
Me snowboarding.
Overall I had a fun time.  Although parts of it were hard I'm glad we went and I hope bob enjoyed it.

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Gayle Daly said...

Wow - what an adventure. You are a brave woman. It's okay if you admit that is not for you. Snowboarding can be something that Bob does on his own. I hate outhouse facilities. I refuse to have anything to do with them and Fred and his whole family know it. they all still love me anyway.