Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Wednesday night we headed over to my parents house so we wouldn't need to wake up at 6:00 to make it to the 8:30 turkey bowl.  Instead of driving to the field Bob and I decided to run there.  I really wanted to get a head start on burning off the holiday calories.  We took the scenic route which was 3.5 miles and did it way faster than I normally would have.  I'm pretty sure Bob is to blame for that one.  My toes went numb during the football game because the grass was still frosty but they warmed up after the first hour.  I was the only girl there and had fun guarding the ten year old who was probably better than me.  I did catch the ball several times and ran the ball about halfway down the field for a touchdown.
We spent the rest of the morning cooking and playing games.
Dinner was delicious as usual.  Leon was extra hungry this year.
Here is my plate.
We had less people than normal and amazingly everyone fit around one table! I don't think that has happened for Thanksgiving at my parents house since I was born.
The YMCA was having bring a friend friday so I convinced my mom to bring me to a cycling class.  It was my first one and it was sooo fun!  I totally want to go again.
I had no idea that they lights would be off and the music would be blaring.  Not to mention the instructor shouting things at us the entire time.  She kept saying things like "This isn't your grandmothers tupperware party!"  And "black Friday? this is BIKE FRIDAY!"
Needless to say I had a good weekend.  Thanks mom and dad for having it at your house and for helping out with the kids. 

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