Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas Day this year was really relaxed and fun.  The night before we made cookies and decorated them, Tucker wanted to put them out for Santa so we did that.  Then bob and I got the cinnamon rolls ready for the morning and wrapped the rest of the presents.  None of the kids woke up until 8, so that was really nice.  The ran down the stairs and opened their stockings.  The kids were all really excited and had fun.

Leon didn't want to open the orange before he ate it.

After presents we ate breakfast and started to clean up.  We just slowly picked up the house while the kids occupied themselves with their new toys.  It was so nice.
Tucker built a barricade around himself so Leon didn't get his new legos.
One of Scarlett's presents was a potty and she officially stared potty training, hence the no pants.  Penelope is holding up one of my old Christmas bears.  I got one every year as a kid so when Penelope asked for a bear for Christmas I knew just where to get one.   This particular one was the second I received and that was back in 1988.  And Leon is playing with his remote.  He is always trying to get ours so this year he got two new real remotes just for him.  Thank you dollar store!
Even our Christmas dinner was very casual.  We didn't feel like making a big meal for just us so we didn't!  That night we did a little Christmas play and drove around and looked at Christmas lights.

I'm a little sad that it is over and Bob had to go back to work today.  I was even liking having Tucker home from school.  I feel like my life is so scheduled out it was nice to have a week with no plans.

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Carylee said...

Adorable photos! Dollar store remotes are genius! Glad you had a great Christmas, I know what you mean about getting use to having no schedules!