Monday, January 13, 2014

The Girls Hairstyle Guide Giveaway!

Once Penelope's hair started getting longer I started to love to do her hair.  I have to admit I like it more than she does.  But sometimes she does get into the different styles.  After just a little while we got kind of stuck in doing the same thing every day (granted this is before Leon was born and I had more time to do her hair).  So I started putting together different styles and everyday we took a picture.  I put together  index of over 40 hairstyles we did and now when I want to do her hair I just quickly pull it up and let her pick one. I even organized the pictures in order of how much time they take me.  So when we are pressed for time I make sure she picks one of the easy ones.  It worked out perfectly for us.

I told a few friends what we were doing and they all wanted a copy.  So I put together a ebook for everyone!  Each hairstyle has a front and back picture and a short description of what I did.  After I finished it I was surprised by how much I actually use it.  I keep it on our computer desktop so I can pull it up quickly when I need to get it.  Sometimes Penelope actually gets upset when I tell her we don't have time to do her hair.  She really likes the control this gives her.  It is a way for her to make one small decision about her life.  And I'm all about giving children as much control over their own lives as possible.
Because I use it so much I wanted to make it available to everyone else (especially my readers) so I sell this little booklet for everyone for only $1.99 on amazon.  It is called The Girls Hairstyle Guide, so go check it out!  

I'm going to give away 5 to the winners so be sure to enter!

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Travis and Brittany said...

What is GFC

Doranda said...

Google friend connect. You can do it on the sidebar on the right side of the blog.

Sarah Dana said...

This is just what I need! My daughter went from looking like Beiber to looking like a Beatle and refuses to keep any headbands or floral arrangements in her hair! Side note: any advice for best hair ties?

Doranda said...

Yes, I love the little tiny rubber ones. They are the only ones that I can get to stay sometimes. I know the dollar store sells them in packs of like 500. That is where I buy them. :-) Good luck.