Friday, January 3, 2014

Ward Christmas Party/Nativity

I love our new outdoor nativity!  Bob's parents have one just like it and I've been wanting one since I saw theirs.  So this year we decided to make our own.  Bob bought a large pice of plywood and I drew out the pieces.  Then he cut it out and we both painted it.  I like to think we make a good team when it comes to projects like this.  I have an idea and do any sort of drawing, and Bob makes it happen.  I really like how simple this nativity is.  A lot of the outdoor nativity's look a little tacky to me (no offense).  But I did want to put something outside besides just lights, and a huge blow up santa just isn't for us.  The sad part is that Christmas is already over and we will be taking it down tomorrow and storing it until next year.
In our ward the yearly Christmas party is the biggest activity of the year.  We always get the largest turnout and it is pretty fun.
This year Bob played one of the shepherds.  It was very last minute and he wasn't really excited about it.
The kids all snag and it was very cute.  Scarlett even went up even though she didn't sing at all.  Actually her and Penelope just talked to their friends during the song.  Tucker was very into it and did a great job singing.


Sofia Donatelli said...

What precious pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Mharms said...

I love seeing little ones participate in events like this. So cute and precious!