Sunday, March 16, 2014

Watch What I'm Wearing

I love my new dress!  But seriously I need to stop buying more dresses and skirts.  I bought two dresses from the store and no jeans, which were what I really needed.  Actually I still do need more jeans.  Anyone know where go buy good inexpensive jeans?  I'm talking like under $30 and preferable not the super thin kind.  I want like thick nice jeans, but cheap.  Is there such a thing?
Dress/shoes: Ross
Another great thing about this dress is it is one size fits all!  I obviously didn't test it out but it fits me and it is crazy stretchy.

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Kim Hkiss said...

Hi Doranda, I am a petite like you and I have a hard time finding a jeans that don't need to tailor. Last week I found this white jeans (yes white) super skinny and low rise and I never bought this kind of spec in a jeans since I am not a white jean person. But when I try it it fits good the length and everything. So try find Jessica Simpsons white jeans and maybe some of her dark jeans (have not tried it yet) it does fit me well and I am 4'11. For now I can't wait to showcase my white Jessica Simpsons jeans. By the way if its not on sale it is pricy I got mine for $7.00

Carolyn McAfee said...

I love the ruching on this dress! It looks fabulous on you, super skinny!

Love the leprechaun trap too! So creative to make it out of Lego's!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Hi Doranda. We have connected before, when you were pregnant and a red-head. Looking gorgeous, elegant and skinny as ever, as a beautiful blonde too. Nice LBD.

My pleasure 'finding' you again and linking up. Check out what I wore. Thanks. Ada. =)

Hope you and the family are doing great.