Friday, May 23, 2014

Farm Field Trip

Wednesday was Penelope's last day of preschool. I am both happy and sad about it.  My schedule will be much easier without it, but I know she enjoys it and will miss it.  Tonight is her graduation so we are both excited about that.  On their last day they went on a mini field trip to a farm.  Penelope was very excited and insisted on wearing boots with her socks pulled up.
The farm was actually a neighbor so the class walked over.  It was cute how they used the buddy system.

All the kids loved it.  Penelope was very timid and hung back a lot but I could tell she liked it.  I'm not sure if she does that all the time or just when I'm there.
The miniature horse was so cute.  All the animals except the chickens were scared of the kids.  So they went as far away as they could as the kids tried to throw food to them.
There were lots of chickens.  Bob wants to get chickens so whenever I see them I am extra interested.  I'm not so sure I want chickens.  But I did like how they let the chickens roam around free on the land.  And the eggs would be nice.  We each got to take home an egg. We ate ours for lunch because we really needed to go grocery shopping and didn't have much else to eat.
Here is the class, plus Scarlett getting ready to go back.
Now they are showing their eggs.  It was hard to get them to look with the chickens walking around.  I think Teacher Shawnda was trying to hide behind the kids so you can't tell but she is going to have a baby in just a couple of weeks.
It was a fun little trip I'm glad Scarlett, Leon, and I decided to tag along.

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