Thursday, May 1, 2014

First T-Ball Game

Tucker had his first t ball game over the weekend and he did great.  I've seriously never seen him get so many ground balls in a row before.  He must have been excited.  He was lucky and got to play pitcher for the first inning.  In t-ball whomever plays pitcher gets the most balls, like 75% of them. 
Tucker even made 4 "outs" by himself.  Two as pitcher and two as short stop.  He would get the ball and instead of throwing it to the person on the base he would just run and try to beat the runner.  It actually worked really well because they rarely ever caught each others throws.  I'm sure that isn't the right way to do it, but for t-ball who really cares.  Their outs aren't even outs.  No one actually gets out.  His league is purely instructional, which I like.  Tucker isn't training to be professional, just to have fun and learn to get along as a team.
Here they are getting ready to bat.  Tucker was last because he started with "W."  That was just fine with him, the last batter gets a home run!
 Their end of game cheer.
Getting ready for the high fives.  I thought it was perfect how Tucker went first so I could get good pictures.

Then after the game Coach Bob sat all the boys down and picked one MVP of the game.  That boy gets a special medal.
Bob was extremely busy during the entire game.  Luckily Grandma and Grandpa were there to help with the kids.  But I am not looking forward to watching the 2 hour games alone with three kids twice a week.
The only bad thing about the game was it started almost an hour late.  We were supposed to play at 2 but the team on the field was very rude and didn't end until about 2:45!  Plus the boys had gotten there early so they waited for an entire hour before even getting on the field.  I'm kinda mad about it.  Bob emailed the head coach to let them know but hasn't heard anything back.

I have lots of videos but it is really sunny outside and I don't want to sit on the computer another minute.  Check back tomorrow for the vids.

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Bob said...

Tucker was very adamant that he got 5 outs. He made a point in telling me everytime he got an out. I think he actually got 6, but he says 5. I thought he got 4 as a pitcher and 2 as the shortstop. No matter. He did a great job!!!!