Thursday, May 29, 2014

Preschool Graduation

Penelope graduated from preschool last week and they had the cutest little ceremony.
At the beginning all the kids were supposed to spell their name for the group.  This was funny to me because Penelope could spell her name decently without looking at a paper before she started preschool.  But doing it in front of a group is a whole other thing.  She ends up whispering it to her teacher.  Check it out.

Then they sang a few song.  Almost all of which Penelope refused to sing but she did do the hand motions.  I think it is cute how shy she was.  Even before they started all the kids were running around being crazy kids except for Penelope.  She just sat in her seat with her hands in her lap like a little lady while waiting to start.  She did sing the last song but I messed up the video and didn't record it. :(

Next the teacher showed an adorable video with pictures through the year.  Scarlett did very good sitting still the whole time and watching.  Tucker got a little restless and wiggly.
The teacher played commencement music while the kids walked around.  It was so cute!

Then they got to walk up to the teacher one at a time and shake hands and get a certificate.  Penelope was really excited and happy when it was her turn.

I know that a lot of people think these graduations are silly and rewarding kids for doing only what they were expected to do.  But it was the first one I'd ever been to and I thought it was great.  Penelope had a good year and really enjoyed preschool.  It was the perfect way to celebrate what they did!  I know she will miss preschool a lot, but I am looking forward to keeping her home with me a bit longer each day.

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Rachel Kaylynn said...

Her little tweed suit dress is too precious!