Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cheese Dog

I always struggle with what to eat and what to feed the kids, especially for lunch.  Way too often I fall back on the quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the kids.  I always need something quick and easy and I never really like to cook for lunch so pretty much microwaved chicken nuggets are almost a food group at our house.  But whenever I find something else easy that the kids like I get excited.

One of our current favorites is the cheese dog.  I usually make them the day after we have hot dogs. We always end up with a few extra buns.  All I do is take a hot dog bun, put a strip of ketchup layer on the pepperoni and lay a string cheese in the middle.  It is so easy and my kids love it.  Of course it doesn't fill them up so I usually throw an apple or banana with it.

What do your kids eat for lunch?


Liv said...

My daughter won't eat PB&J/Honey sandwiches, but she loves tuna fish. Go figure. 3-year-olds are weird. She also loves smoothies, so we eat a lot of those now that the weather is nice. And I love that we can put veggies in with the frozen fruit/greek yogurt so she gets a little extra goodness in a smoothie than she thinks.

Gayle Daly said...

That is a genius idea!

benandcorinne said...

Thanks Doranda. My boys are excited to try that.